Suntube Skylights Installation

Beautiful Lightwell® Suntube Skylights

Lightwell® Skylights

Lightwell Skylights are a fantastic way to introduce clean, natural light into any home, school or place of work. Reduce your energy bill, improve your quality of life and the value of your building.

When economy counts, a Lightwell Skylight is the answer. Lightwell does not have the special features of our Sky Tunnel Skylight and is priced as a more economical unit. The differences start on the roof, with round injection moulded dome, fastened directly to the Soaker Tray.

The Tile Soaker Tray has a standard Acrylead (15kg/m2) and a single gutter system on the gutter tray. The flexi-tube used is the same 4L quality but on the ceiling you have a single glazed diffuser with white ABS thermoplastic ceiling frame.

Lightwell Skylights are available in 2 types (Flexi & Rigid) which can come with either Circle or Square ceiling diffuser to suit any room or roof type. The Unique “Hi Rise” centre on the soaker tray guards against the possibility of water build-up.

The 400mm Sun Tubes:
• 400mm Diameter Circle
400mm Diameter Square

These skylights can be used with either Rigid Tubes (98% reflective) OR Flexible Tubes (76% Reflective)

The 500mm Sun Tube:
• 500mm Diameter Circle

This skylight can be used with either Rigid Tubes (98% reflective) OR Flexible Tubes (76% Reflective)

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Glamourous Solatube® Skylights

Solatube® Skylights

So how do I bring natural light into my home?

Bringing natural light into the home has never been more important, the benefits of natural light, include improved moods and health, outweighing traditional lighting sources. Round or square, Solatube® has the decorative options to match your homes style. Select from Solatube® full range and view the gallery.

Heavenly Inteligent

The Heavenly Intelligent is made from tough transparent polymers designed to stand up to extreme weather, including hailstorms, with a no leaks guarantee.
• Mirror like refectivity tube
• Efortless installation, no structural modifcations required
• Hail resistant dome with UV protection
• A high quality, leak-proof roof flashing
• Complies with Australian Standards AS4285

Available Sizes: 250mm diameter and 400mm diameter

Daylight System

Transfer unparalled light capture – Spectralight® InfinityTM tube particularly during winter made from the world’s most reflective material, infused with patented Cool Tube technology.
• Transfers light further than any other skylight material for maximum daylight delivery
• Cool Tube technology ensures the highest energy eficiency by drawing away summer heat.

Available Sizes: 250mm diameter and 350 diameter

Econo Range

Quality on a budget.
Combines premium quality roof-top components with economical below the roof components
• Crystal Clear dome with standard UV protection
• Leak-proof profiles to suit all roof applications

Available Sizes: 250mm diameter and 400mm diameter

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