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Building the company and the team with more than 12 years of experience, we are at Central Skylight pride ourselves on improving the best possible living place for you and your family. Based in Dandenong, our team can provide all types of skylights, from the most simple solar tubes to the most sofisticated, ventilated roof windows.

When you need a team with:
• Experience in custom skylights over 12 years
• Understanding your budget and giving the best advice
• Having great technical skills and know-how
• Stocking great range, from budget to most hi-tech skylights
• Always responsible for their work

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Central Skylights Products

Brighten Up Tubular Skylight

Brighten Up

Hitech, top-of-the range skylight

Double the light output of any other premium skylight in winter, only product to reduce light intensity in summer through raybender 3000 technology.
• 99.7% reflective, most reflective tube
• Maximum spread of light
• Accessories available
• Tube: 250mm for room size 3x3m
• Tube: 350mm for room size 5x5m

From $657+
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Solatube Heavenly Intelligent Tubular Skylight

Heavenly Intelligent

Natural lighting for a moderate price

• Using unique built-in lens
• Clear dome with UV protection
• Excellent 96% reflectivity
• Increase flow of natural light
• 8 year warranty
• Accessories available
• Tube: 250mm for room size 3x3m
• Tube: 400mm for room size 5x5m

From $387+
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Solatube Econotube Tubular Skylight

Solatube Econotube

Natural lighting on a budget

• Clear dome
• Diffuser to spread the light evenly
• Suits all roof applications
• 7 year warranty
• Accessories available
• Tube: 250mm for room size 3x3m
• Tube: 400mm for room size 5x5m

From $218+
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Reasons why you need skylight in your home

Adding Natural Light

Nothing is better than having natural light in your room. You feel better and filled with natural, full energy.

Saving Energy Costs

Skylights help cutting a lot off your electric bills as they give you natural light through out the day.

Adding Value to Your Home

Skylights not only improve your home's presentation but help add value to your place.

Natural Light = Better Health

Natural light gives you a good mood and it also helps minimising mould and fungus growing in your home.

Better Ventilation

Skylights with ventilation help get rid of hot air and bad smells, especially in your bathroom.

"Adding Space" to A Room

No body wants to be in a dark room. Having a skylight installed suddenly "widens" a room for you.

Ideas for you

Great Places to Install a Skylight

Skylight in Toilet

Skylight in Bathroom

Skylight in Kitchen

Skylight in Kitchen

Skylight on Hallway

Skylight in Hallway

Skylight on Lounge

Skylight in Lounge


Wow, until you install one you won't know how bright it is. Absolutely love it, plenty of light, gives you great feelings.

A Happy Customer from Central Skylights

Real estate agent advised me to install a skylight to add more value to my home before selling. Yes, it was truly right ideas.

Glen Waverley, Victoria

They put one skylight in my bathroom. Very nice. We don't turn on the light in our bathroom no more! Save heaps!

Altona, Victoria
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