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Velux Skylights Melbourne

Central Skylights Melbourne, a reputable skylight installation company located in Melbourne South Eastern suburb, known for our 5-star ratings, great communication and extensive experience. Our services include high-quality workmanship, all work 10 years guaranteed and a variety of VELUX SKYLIGHTS and roof windows for residential installations.

Velux in kitchen

If you want to bring more sunlight and fresh air into your home, consider adding a high-quality double-glazed skylight to your flat or pitched roof. At our Dandenong showroom, we have everything you need including electric VSS opening skylights and proper EDW flashings. Whether you need a custom base skylight or Velux custom flashing, we can provide installation services for you. Explore more Velux sizes and prices from our collection.

Velux In Patio

Velux Skylights

VELUX skylights are designed for out-of-reach applications and come in flat roof and pitched roof versions.

Velux Roof Windows

Velux Roof Windows

Velux Roof Windows GGL and GPL let you transform attic spaces into beautiful living areas filled with Daylight and Fresh Air. 

Velux Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnel and Accessories

Find energy-efficient Velux sun tunnels and accessories for attractive natural lighting solutions for every home.

Central Skylights Services

Discover the best skylights and unparalleled customer service at Central Skylights Melbourne. Our top-rated skylights and expert guidance guarantee your complete satisfaction. Still curious about skylights, get to know the Benefit of Skylights now.

Velux Skylight Installation

Velux Skylights Installation

Our team possesses exceptional expertise in Velux Skylights Installation from fix FS C01 skylight to the biggest GPL roof windows.

Sun Tunnel Installation

Suntube Skylights Installation

Experience exceptional installation of sun tunnel skylights through our skilled technicians, from 250mm to 500mm suntube skylights

Skylights Replacement

Old Skylight Replacements

Upgrade to Velux’s clear glass for your old skylight and let the natural light filter in, with a touch of elegance and style, increase home value.

Skylights Supply

Supply Velux Skylights

We’ve got you completely covered with an exceptional abundance of Velux stock for all your supply needs. Available to pick up in Dandenong today!

Online skylight Store

Buy Velux skylights online, pick up today!

We supply VELUX skylights, roof windows, blinds and flashing at discounted prices. Visit our online store for minimum 15% OFF from RRP.

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Velux in kitchen

Velux Skylights, Roof Windows, Flashings and Blinds! On Sale in Melbourne!

Made For Australia. VELUX is the worlds leading manufacturer of Skylights, Sun Tunnels, Flat Roof Windows and Blinds. Australia is the ultimate challenge for any skylight – but VELUX is made for it. VELUX has passed every Australian test… even a hail test, which no other glass skylight has passed.

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Follow up this blog for useful tips and tricks about purchasing, installing and maintaining your skylights, sun tunnels or roof ventilation.

Velux skylights in kitchen

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Velux skylights in hallway

How Skylight Sizes Impact Natural Lighting

In the quest for a brighter, airier, and more energy-efficient home, skylights have become a popular choice for homeowners, particularly in the Melbourne metro areas where architecture often melds indoor …

Flat Roof Skylights

Choosing the Right Skylight for Your Flat Roof

When you add a skylight to your flat roof, you’re adding natural light, improved ventilation, and a modern touch to your home. But with so many options available, how do …

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