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Bringing natural light to thousands of new-built residental homes! Small or big housing projects

Transform your attic or loft
Roof Windows let you transform attic spaces into beautiful living areas filled with Daylight and Fresh Air. The Vent Flap adds the extra convenience of controllable passive ventilation – even when it’s raining!

The Pivoting Roof Windows are made of treated pinewood and pre-coated with clear acrylic lacquer. From the outside they are protected by maintenance free aluminium cappings.

High Performance double glazing Now standard across entire skylight range
• Laminated inner panes (total 5.36mm) for added safety.
• 3mm outer pane of toughened safety glass.
• Low-E3 coating maximises Light Transmittance/reduces Solar Heat Gain.
• 9mm Argon filled cavity together with Low-E3 coating increases thermal performance by reducing heat flow through the pane.
• NEATTM Coating on outer pane reduces cleaning frequency.
Warm edge technology increases energy efficiency.

Product Data Sheets

On The Pitched Roof
VSS Solar Skylight
VSE Electric Skylight
VS Manual Skylight
FS Fixed Skylight
GGL Centre-Pivot Roof Window
GPL Dual Action Roof Window

On The Flat Roof
VCS Solar Skylight
VCM Manual Skylight
FCM Flat Roof Skylight

Velux Skylight in Bathroom

Guaranteed to last…

Throughout the construction industry, VELUX is a by-word for quality, a reputation that has been painstakingly built up for more than 35 years in Australia and for over 75 years around the world.

Velux Skylights Brochure
Inspiration Brochure

Velux featured on The Block, Channel Nine

Opening on Pitched Roofs

Available sizes: 550x700mm • 550x980mm • 550x1180mm • 550x1400mm • 780x980mm • 780x1180mm • 780x1400mm • 1140x700mm • 1140x1180mm.

Opening on Flat Roofs

Available Sizes: 550x700mm • 550x980mm • 550x1180mm • 550x1400mm • 780x980mm • 780x1180mm • 780x1400mm • 1140x700mm • 1140x1180mm.

Fixed on Pitched Roofs

Available Sizes: 665x665mm • 665x970mm • 665x1275mm • 870x870mm • 870x1275mm • 1275x1275mm

Fixed on FLAT Roofs

Available Sizes: 368x775mm • 572x572mm • 572x775mm • 572x876mm • 572x1181mm • 572x1792mm • 775x775mm • 775x1181mm • 876x876mm • 1181x1181mm

Velux® Opening Skylights

Velux® Opening on Pitched Roofs
Velux® Opening on Flat Roofs

Velux® Fixed Skylights

Velux® Non-Opening Roof Window on Pitched Roof
Velux® Non-Opening Roof Window on Flat Roof

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