Roof Vents and Whirlybirds Installation

Keeping your home cool and dry, all year round

At Central Skylights, we specialise in installing 2 brands
of roof vents: Solatube® Sola Star and WindMaster®

Solatube® Solar Star

Solatube® Solar Star

Roof ventilation is vital all year round for driving to drive heat and moisture out of your roof cavity, keeping you cooler in summer, and protecting your roof space during cooler winter months.

Wind vents will typically move 85-100m³ of air per hour (air extraction typical of a 250mm diameter product), they are quite inefficient. This level of air extraction is similar to taking a tile off your roof and covering it with a static cap. Yes, 1-4 wind-vents will still impact your home, but to achieve good results you should look at 3 air changes per hour (5 is even better).

On that calculation most homes should have 6-8 wind vents, while a single Solar Star will exceed that level of ventilation even on a cloudy day. The cost of installing 3 quality wind vents equates to one Solar Star.



• Aluminium head, varipitch and flashing
• 300mm throat
• High carbon chromium steel ball bearings
• Total weight: 1.9 kg
• Wind speed rating: 158.4 km/h

• Wind driven ventilator
• High quality aluminium
• Available in 26 colours
• 15 year warranty

• No energy consumption
• Provides ventilation in the lowest wind speeds
• Colour range for most roofs
• Suitable for metal or tiled roofs

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